Anglian Water - Oil and Grease in Sewerage Systems

Test Duration: 20 Weeks

Trial start date: June 6, 2003. In the interest of the test the wet well was not cleaned. Photos demonstrate the extent of OFG.

Result: December 10, 2003:No call-outs or visits recorded at the station. The extent of FOG was slight and was a very soft and "fluffy" nature both on the wet surface and on the walls between pump start and stop levels.


A number of products have been touted around the UK Water Companies that claim to work through their biological, enzymatic or chemical attributes, or a combination of these. However the effectiveness of the products has been patchy and has led to a great deal of skepticism.

In the UK the sewerage undertaker with the most sewerage pumping stations is Anglian Water Services. Not surprisingly they experience problems with OFG and they have tried a number of potential remedies for the problems of OFG.

SITE DESCRIPTION The site at Shenfield in Essex (UK) is on the same site as a convenience store and a fast-food restaurant. 10 domestic properties also drain to the pumping station.


Due to the public outcry, Wamplers needed an immediate solution.
The records show that when the pumps fail, sewerage back-up in the restaurant's toilets occurs.
Environmental Biotech personnel devised a dosing system. A 20-liter reservoir for the vegetative bacteria was placed in the electric control kiosk together with a peristaltic pump and a small air compressor. These were controlled by a simple timer mechanism.
Air and microbial solution were introduced via a plastic stilling chamber near the surface of the sewerage. The beneficial microbes remain active for up to 14 days, but for this station it was decided to replenish on a weekly basis.
The photograph taken 5 weeks after the start of the trial demonstrates clear evidence of removal of FOG. One would have expected a significant increase in fat build-up rather than the decrease demonstrated in the photograph.


There were no odor complaints about the station during the trial and no problems with the rising main. It shows clear benefit for FOG removal and consequentially, less interrupted pumping operations.


Anglian Water Services management is using EBI grease eradication systems at many other sites in the UK. Author Credentials:Alan Maskell and Glynn Eastman jointly form EM Consulting. An independent team of consultants that have specialized in the field of wastewater for many years.