1. What are the modes of refund available after cancellation?

Once the cancellation is confirmed, you shall receive the refund in form of credit or reversal of the payment through the payment source that we received.

Click here to read the detailed Cancellation & Returns Policy to cancel an order or return an item.

2. How much time does the refund process take?

You will receive a refund anytime between 7-21 working days. The processing time depends on bank and payment gateway.

3. What amounts are non-refundable?

Once the cancellation or return is approved, the order amount will be refunded minus certain charges.

For canceled orders, the following charges are non-refundable:

Payment Transaction Fee

For all Debit/Credit Card & Net banking transactions, on each order, there is a transaction fee and service tax per transaction paid by www.ecoworks.co.in to the payment gateway service provider.

Service Tax on Transaction Fee

This per order transaction fee & service tax is non-refundable. That amount will be deducted before processing the refund to the customer.

Original Shipping charges

The shipping charges will also be deducted before processing the refund. We do not refund the original shipping charges that you paid on the order.