Our Services - Commercial Businesses

Waste Oils, Fats and Grease account for 75% of sewer blockages (UK Environment Agency)

Any food-related business will agree that huge amounts of waste oils, fats and grease go down the kitchen drains every day. Despite best efforts of regular cleaning and jetting, major back-ups and blockages lead to various problems at food facilities.

We provide an array of solutions to control solids that enter the drains, clear existing blockages, and treat foul odours.

We cater to several commercial entities including:

Food & beverage industry

  • Catering services
  • Quick Service Restaurants / Fast Food
  • Casual Dining Restaurants
  • Food, oil and sugar factories
  • Hotels
  • Religious complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets

Commercial Establishments

  • Airports
  • Facility management companies
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals & doctors’ clinics
  • IT Parks & Offices
  • Malls and multiplexes
  • Schools & colleges

Commercial Products

Grease & Sugar Eradication Systems- for food waste

Sink Solids Control

Urine Treatment

Cleaning Solutions

Odour Solutions

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